Step into
the wooden clogs

of Hielke, Sietse and Gerben

Enjoy fantastic adventures in Kameleon Village

The Dutch series of children's books titled 'De Kameleon' has enjoyed immense popularity since 1948. Sixty-nine books have been written since then, along with two films, and a new TV series in 2018. Dutch children grow up with the adventures of twin brothers Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer and the Kameleon boat they painted themselves in various colours. In the Kameleon village of Terherne, you can step into the life of the books' main characters.

In the village of Lenten, built to scale, you can see how the Kameleon life of the children's books can become reality. On arrival in Kameleon Village, talking milk churns will tell you more about the mystery of Lenten. They guide you all around the village. The residents can tell you all about the village, the films, the series and of course the books.

And which colours will you discover on Sietse and Hielke Klinkhamer's Kameleon boat? The tour boat, pushed by the Kameleon boat, will transport you to the Adventure Island of Kameleon Village. On the way, Constable Zwart may well need your assistance to solve a problem on the lake.

'Use the elements of nature available
to find solutions together.'

On arrival at the island, a Kameleon character will be waiting. There are exciting paths that lead you along the shoreline, between the trees and over the marshes. Along the route, there are challenges that you can overcome together, such as crossing the water on a rope pulled raft, clambering over the tree trunk path, throwing bicycle tyres or climbing in trees. Age restrictions are forgotten here. All visitors feel as free as a child again, so forget time and become one with nature. That is precisely what Nop de Graaf, Director of the Kameleon Village, had in mind.

"Sometimes people just need to go back to the basics, to nature. When you're on our Adventure Island, you'll soon find that nature has a great deal to offer you. Use the elements of nature available to find solutions together. That's the natural message I enjoy communicating to guests who spend the day here."

Young and old alike feel welcome and at ease in Kameleon Village. After all, the underlying themes of the books never age, such as: the conflict between good and (mischievous) bad, and freedom and adventure. It all comes together in Kameleon Village, and there are always elements that are recognisable for everyone.


Entrance tickets to Kameleon Village can be bought at Waterland van Friesland’s tourist information centre in Terherne. This is also the place to be for fun local tips.

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Origins of Kameleon Village

Water and land always play a key role in Hielke and Sietse's adventures. This all comes together wonderfully in Terherne. No wonder author Hotze de Roos and the publisher of the children's books were enthusiastic when they were enticed to visit this location.

Schoolteacher Jan and his class from the village of Terherne had written the publisher a letter, in which a prize of their own design was to be awarded: an engraved silver pen. The prize was awarded in Terherne following a boat trip to the village in the so-called Kameleon boat.

It reminded him of the village of Lenten in the books. And so Kameleon Village was born.


The 'island' in the Frisian lakes, because it's surrounded by water. The Sneekermeer lake is on the one side, and the Terherne pools on the other. This makes Terherne the ideal location for a water sports holiday, but also for a walking or cycling route along the shoreline.

Boat rental

Terherne and its surroundings are perhaps best when explored by boat. Mariahoeve boat rentals Bootverhuur Mariahoeve can help you out with dinghies, tour boats or fishing boats. You can also stay at Mariahoeve.

Culinary tip

Have you worked up an appetite during your visit to Kameleon Village? Why not complete your Terherne experience by visiting the ‘t Schippershuis’ restaurant. Enjoy lunch or dinner with amazing views over the water.